14 Azure Text Analysis

20210610 Package: aztext.

Do you remember how you learnt to read? AI is learning to read using something called deep learning and analysing thousands of examples of text. After extensive training, often using a lot of computer power and therefor electricity, AI will have a basic model. It’s difficult to say that it has any understanding, but it gives that appearance.

The aztext package demonstrates some of the capability of AI based text analysis. It does this using Microsoft’s Azure Text cloud service. This cloud service makes a number of natural language processing models available. The package makes most of that functionality easily available to explore the capabilities and even to utilise it in our own tools.

To install, configure, and demonstrate the package:

ml install   aztext
ml configure aztext
ml readme    aztext
ml commands  aztext
ml demo      aztext

In addition to the demo command the package also supports analyze, entities, language, links, phrases, sentiment, and supported.

Azure-based models, unlike the MLHub models in general, use closed source services which have no guarantee of ongoing availability and do not come with the freedom to modify and share. This cloud based service also sends your text to the Azure cloud for analysis.

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