13.5 azspeech transcribe

The transcribe command will listen for an utterance from the computer microphone for up to 15 seconds and then transcribe it (convert to text) to standard output. The command can also be used to transcribe speech from an audio file (wav only).

$ ml transcribe azspeech 
     -f <file.wav>   --file=<file.wav>

By default the audio input is from the computer’s microphone:

$ ml transcribe azspeech
The machine learning hub is useful for demonstrating capability of 
models as well as providing command line tools.

We can pipe the output to other tools, so as to analyse the sentiment of the spoken word. In the first instance you might say happy days and in the second say sad days.

$ ml transcribe azspeech | ml sentiment aztext

$ ml transcribe azspeech | ml sentiment aztext

The transcribe command can take an audio (wav) file and transcribe it to standard output. For large audio files this will take extra time. Currently only wav files are supported through the command line (though the service also supports mp3, ogg, and flac).

$ wget https://github.com/realpython/python-speech-recognition/raw/master/audio_files/harvard.wav
$ ml transcribe azspeech --file=harvard.wav
The stale smell of old beer lingers it takes heat to bring out the odor.
A cold dip restore's health and Zest, a salt pickle taste fine with
Ham tacos, Al Pastore are my favorite a zestful food is the hot cross bun.

Spoken English Input to Spoken French Output

$ ml transcribe azspeech |
  ml translate aztranslate --to=fr |
  cut -d',' -f4- |
  ml synthesize azspeech --voice=fr-FR-HortenseRUS

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