How do we become empowered with today’s Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology and so allow many to grow, to innovate, simply?


The machine learning hub is an experimental contribution to this empowerment. We are collecting together quickly accessible and ready to run, explore, rebuild, and even deploy, pre-built machine learning models.  The published models are accessed and managed using the ml command from the mlhub package available for quick installation from pypi as a python package. A growing list of machine learning model packages are becoming available.

Getting started is simple. This works best on Ubuntu, perhaps using a DLVM on Azure, or Ubuntu natively on your own computer, or through a virtual machine, or Ubuntu on Windows 10 through the Windows Linux Subsystem. You will need to have python and R installed as well as tensorflow. Then install the command line tool and explore rain, colorize, and objects, to start with.

Please feel free to contribute models or suggestions to

Coming soon: your own model can be easily packaged by including a MLHub.yaml and or demo.R file on your github repository and then pointing mlhub at that repository!

Thank you for your interest.