Welcome to MLHub, making artificial intellignce (AI), machine learning (ML), and data science accessible. For a quick idea of what is possible, have a look at the state-of-the-art in AI for Computer Vision through the azcv package. For a complete list of the curated packages visit the Package Catalogue.

MLHub is an outreach program supported by Togaware. The focus is on demonstrating the utility of AI today. Each package demonstrates capabilities within a few minutes. Here you can learn how AI tools can be applied to business and science and to our daily activities. If those capabilities are of interest, then they can be explored further through the MLHub package.

AI is being used for many tasks today. For example, to monitor a bird feeder with cameras to identify when and the type of birds, analyse images from a camera mounted in your car to advise you on danger, read your own hand writing, automatically tag photos with meta data in your 100,000 photo collection, identify and age people in photos, translate speech and text between languages, and predict the outcome of today’s news on tomorrows stock prices.

The system is easy to use with instructions available to guide its use, and the framework provides support by suggesting what to do next at each step. We are trying hard to make it easy to use without dumbing it down.

All you need is a computer that runs Ubuntu. Ubuntu is available through the Microsoft Store on the Windows Subsystem for Linux, or through a Virtual Machine on any platform, or as a native installation on your own computer (why not!). Instructions to install are available together with videos that can show you how.

We are regularly adding new packages and taking suggestions and contributions, so come back for more in the future at